Discover Zebrix our latest and upcoming Eco-Features
to adopt a more eco-friendly digital signage

Since its creation, Zebrix has always been concerned about the sustainability of its equipment and supports an eco-responsible approach to digital signage. In view of the implementation of new energy optimisation options, we have put into production a set of functionalities that meet urgent needs in terms of ecology and are in line with our approach to adopting a more responsible digital signage.

Exclusion Days

Exclusion Days

Define in advance the days when your screens will remain off (public holidays or exceptional closures).

Energy dashboard

Energy saving dashboard

Measure the positive
impact of using the eco-solutions features and
track the kilowatt-hours saved.


Compliance with Ecowatt regulations

Thanks to its API, Zebrix interacts with the french electricity distribution network.



Coming soon_Consumption-1

Monitoring of screen consumption

Depending on the parameters defined by the user, broadcast time, backlight level, screen model, monitor the power consumption of the screen(s), on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.


Remote backlight control

Set your ideal screens backlight values for day and night time. Zebrix will take care of adapting values automaticaly and let you save energy.

Auto switch on-off

Fine-tuned operating hours

Precisely set the hours when your screens are switched on or off to avoid early wear and tear and wasted energy.


Coming soon_Auto backlight-1

Backlight according to screens' location

Thanks to the screens' geographical location, Zebrix can adapt the backlighting according to the sunrise and sunset times.

Coming soon_Backlight location-1

Backlight for day and evening 

Set one backlight level for daytime, another for evening or nighttime, thus saving even more energy.


Coming soon_Consumption grading-1

Eco-consumption score

This function indicates on a scale from bad to good the consumption of the screens and gives an eco-consumption score.

Coming soon_Bad consumption highlight-1

Consumption highlight

Displays identified as being too energy consumptive will be highlighted to encourage better adjustment of their eco-consumption parameters. 

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