With Zebrix academy your creativity will have no limit


Onboarding and training session to start easily with Zebrix Digital Signage


We bring a very particular attention to assist our customers in the handling of the tool. With your Zebrix license you benefit from a training session delivered by our experts to quickly make your teams autonomous. After a few hours of learning and practicing, your creativity will have no limit.

With Zebrix academy be more and more
autonomous and creative

The help center is designed by experts of the solution and offers you, numerous articles, a helpdesk and a training center to dive into the solution’s features and quickly become autonomous. Zebrix will no longer hold any secrets from you.


User Guide

More than 250 free articles to train yourself and take advantage of all the features offered by Zebrix


Helpdesk center

Support service to help you to use Zebrix Digital Signage in the best conditions


Training sessions

Training sessions delivered by an expert in person or remotely, to train you even more easily to Zebrix Digital Signage