Easily control all your AV devices remotely in just a few clics

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zebrix control, the new solution that lets you easily manage all your audiovisual equipment


Thanks to a simple, intuitive interface requiring no technical expertise, you can easily take control of your multiple devices. Make sure they're running smoothly in real time. Monitor and control your equipment remotely.


Control a wide range of AV and IOT devices

picto videoconferencing_Visioconférence_Visioconférence

Video-conferencing devices

picto videoconferencing_screens_Ecran & VP

Screens & video projections

picto videoconferencing_content_Ecran & VP-25

Content distribution equipment

picto videoconferencing_audiodevices_Périph audio

Audio devices

picto videoconferencing_roombooking_Room booking

Room booking equipment

picto videoconferencing_automate_Automate

Automates & controlers

An agnostic solution for operating multi-brand audiovisual and IOT equipment 

Equipped with several brands of audiovisual equipment in your different spaces, the solution gives you a centralized, simplified view of the proper functioning of your equipment, and the ability to interact with it for daily operations, individually or en masse.  

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With zebrix control manage all your devices by type and location


Classify your equipment by location, type or tag according to your own organization. Thanks to multi-filter management, you can find and sort your equipment with a single click.

A wide range of features to control all your AV and IOT devices

picto control multifilter_Filtres


picto control tags_Tags


picto control location_localisation


picto control data_Analyse

Data analysis

picto control reporting_Reporting

Reporting dashboard

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Control your AV equipment in complete safety


Security is paramount to us, which is why we prefer to host in a secnumcloud-certified environment, with encrypted servers handling encrypted data.
To guarantee the most secure authentication possible, we can interface with your own SSO.

We offer a fine-tuned, customizable role management policy to ensure that each user population is granted only the rights they strictly need.

picto multi fournisseur identité_Multi ID

Multiple identity providers

picto roles_Roles

Role management

picto Hosted in France_Made in France

Hosted in France

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100% Cloud for easy deployment

zebrix control is mainly offered in SaaS mode, in a highly secure Anssi-certified environment.

However, to suit your needs, the solution can also be hosted in private cloud mode or in your own datacenters.

Anssi v2
Schema API-28

A very scalable solution


Take advantage of the Zebrix API to interface, supply data and receive third-party orders from suppliers or customers.

Multi-tenant mode for multi-account management


If you're an operator or integrator, become a zebrix control distributor and offer the solution to your customers. As the solution is multi-tenant, it's extremely easy for you to administer your customers' environments and track license consumption.