AZ Klina adopts Zebrix-driven digital signage to enhance visitors experience. 

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Transforming Communication with digital signage.

AZ Klina, a hospital located in Brasschaat, Belgium, turned to Zebrix to enhance communication within their facility. Strategically integrated with 50 Samsung screens and players, Zebrix effectively delivers important information to patients and visitors. Through engaging content, these screens provide details on various services, floor locations, and doctor names, facilitating navigation and enhancing the overall visitor experience. Additionally, the digital signage screens display crucial hygiene guidelines and safety instructions, promoting a healthy and secure environment. By reminding individuals of best practices to prevent contamination and accidents, AZ Klina prioritizes the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. The screens also serve as a platform to invite individuals to various workshops, fostering continuous learning and professional development within the hospital community. With Zebrix's dynamic signage solution, AZ Klina has improved communication processes, overall patient, staff and visitor experience, as well as efficiency and safety within the facility

  • Integration by Geronika
  • 50 Samsung screens + players

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