Zebrix, the most powerful solution for digital signage


Zebrix is a SaaS Digital Signage Solution enabling remote control of screens and contents from a web browser or a mobile device. No external player required, Zebrix is certified for SAMSUNG Smart Signage Platform running on Tizen (TM)



Trusted by 1600+ businesses


Create and narrowcast easily your digital content on your screens


Thanks to a very user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) and an online WYSIWYG interface accessible via any computer, smartphone or tablet , brands are completely autonomous to animate their screens deployed in sales points, offices and workplaces all around the world.

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Control every screens from anywhere and anytime


With the Zebrix solution you can control up to 10 000 screens in real time from the web platform or from the mobile app.



Manage your digital signage campaigns and your team


Zebrix is a full web and 100% cloud solution enabling you to create multiuser team and user role. You can also follow all your Data, manage your advertising campaigns and generate tags.



No external player required
 Zebrix is a certified solution for SAMSUNG
Smart Signage Platform running on Tizen(TM)

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Connected screens

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