Create wonderful content and narrowcast it in just a few clics

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Get easy access
to a full web & 100% Cloud platform

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Upload all types of media
from your PC, with OneDrive or Google Drive

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your own content pages

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your digital content on your screens directly or through a player


A user-friendly and easy-to-access interface


The Zebrix Digital Signage solution has been designed to be easily accessible from all types of users. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, you can access different types of screens: home, library, editor, playlist, planning, devices remote management, campaign manager, and statistics.

Upload easily your assets from your computer, your mobile device or your Drive


Withe Zebrix Digital Signage upload easily your content or media in different ways to your account. (drag & drop and more...) from your computer, or directly from Google Drive or OneDrive. Organize the presentation of your content by image, video, ... or with the option 'favorites'. Take advantage of several display possibilities (by list, in mosaic, SML, content preview, overview, full screen view...).


Create multi-zone pages and a multitude of templates

Zebrix's editor based on HTML5 technology allows us to offer an easy to use WYSIWYG interface. From the editor and the media library, you will be able to create multi-zone pages and templates, and add your content by drag and drop, define zones in your pages, add text, videos, images, interaction, RSS feeds, HTML pages. With Zebrix creativity has no limit.

Build your playlist and schedule your content.

Thanks to Zebrix Digital Signage you can create your own playlist via drag and drop. Each content of the playlist can be filtered thanks to the tags. Create from a global creation specific adjustments. Define a schedule by screen, screen group and user and preview a playlist, a page or a slot. Thanks to the scheduling tools you will also be able to turn on and off the screens live or at the desired time, push content directly or create a specific schedule, take a screenshot to visualize the screen broadcasting in real time.


No external player required
 Zebrix is a certified solution for SAMSUNG
Smart Signage Platform running on Tizen(TM)

Easily control your screens around the world


Thanks to Zebrix Digital Signage you can monitor and manage your screens in real time. You will be able to update your devices settings, make remote screenshots or upgrade firmwares.

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multi-user team and user role

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multiple Tags

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Set up
your playlists

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your content

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Follow up
your data

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advertising campaigns

Narrowcast your content on any device! 


Samsung Smart

Ink paper screen

Ink Paper Screens

System On Chip

Screen's SoC


Displays with integrated
web browser


External players

Discover the breadth of content distribution options with Zebrix. Thanks to our channel generation function, you can distribute your content to a diverse range of URL-capable devices. In addition to integrations with embedded systems (SoC) and dedicated players, this function expands your distribution possibilities.

Create tags to manage your screens and your teams around the world


With Zebrix Digital Signage you can create tag content and users. Create as many tags as you want to ensure the necessary classification of your content and more easily control the role and rights of users.This feature allows you to assign tags to facilitate screen administration. The tag allows you to assign a distinction criterion of any kind: screen orientation, users, media type, page type, geographical area... These tags are used to define content attribution rules per screen or screen group. Several families of tags can be used according to your specific needs.



Follow up your campaings data in real time and get proof of play statistics


With Zebrix Digital Signage You can monitor your screens remotely (CPU, DISK and RAM usage, Network settings, firmware version, special features) and export reports on the status of your network.



Main benefits and reasons to use Zebrix

Page editor integrated
Remote Control System
Latest web technology
100% Cloud

Sécurité 2
Proven technology



Synchronization Screens & Proof of play

Secured solution

Store and Forward

Real time content update

Surveillance at distance

API and external sources