Narrowcast your digital content on any type of screens

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Playerless broadcasting on Samsung Screens


Thanks to the SSSP or Android platform, take advantage of all Zebrix live features to broadcast your content on your screens worldwide without any external player. Zebrix is a certified solution for Samsung Smart Signage platform  running on Tizen (TM)

Broadcast on any type of screen with an external player


Thanks to Zebrix external player powered by Intel Processors, enjoy all the power and features of Zebrix on any type of screens. Zebrix player is Linux based.

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Narrowcast your content on a network of up to 10000 screens

With Zebrix you can broadcast your content to 1 , 100, 1 000 or 10 000 screens in real time. Be safe, thanks to Zebrix "offline mode" your medias and schedules are downloaded from the Cloud to the screens so that it can be played even in case of a network failure.

With zebrix's channels, enjoy even more broadcasting ways

With zebrix channels, extend your broadcast reach beyond Tizen based or player-equipped displays. You can reach more people by using zebrix on Windows screensavers, or by broadcasting via Barco's Clickshare devices with their digital signage function. You can also take advantage of the solution on devices with integrated web browsers, and distribute your content via Internet or intranet sites. To exploit the full potential of zebrix channels, simply contact your account manager to activate this option. 

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With Zebrix synchronized playback on multiple screens 

Zebrix guarantees the playback synchronization of your digital content between several screens of the same brand.
Big screens

Single screen

Synced screens

Videowall screen

Small Screens

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Desktop screen

Outdoor screens